How Science, Education, and Government Promote Widespread Chronic Illness

Illness changes the way a person views the world.  I’ve spent much of my life following “scientific principles”  and “medically approved recommendations” for health management and diet.  I always trusted public education to provide information that is helpful to individual citizens.   Remarkably, the only times I’ve reversed any long term illness have been the times … Read more

Fibromyalgia and Biodepletion

Bioaccumulation occurs when chemicals or toxins accumulate as they move up the food chain. Many believe fibromyalgia is caused by exposure to too many chemicals in the environment.  But after decades of research, no toxin has been associated with fibromyalgia. However, many who suffer from fibromyalgia have a history of repeated illness, and repeated use … Read more

On Selecting Supplements

  Fibromyalgia, like probably every illness known, is influenced by nutritional health.   It simply makes good sense to eat right when treating the disease. For those of us who live in the Garden of Eden and eat fresh, whole, natural foods on a daily basis, this is a non-issue.  But I’m not in Eden, so … Read more

When Medicine Doesn’t Work

Those closest to me well are aware that I’ve been complaining about pain and numbness for years.    I’ve treated the pain like I’ve treated all my health problems.  I saw doctors, read articles, and researched all the latest cures.  Then I went back to work.  But as time passed, my symptoms increased.  Often, the increase was due to side … Read more

Dimensions of Affirmative Action

December 1, 2012 Yesterday I received my November copy of Imprimis, a terrific little newsletter from Hillsdale College that features thoughtful discussions about education and civil liberty.  Edward Erler’s article therein challenges legislation that promotes equality through reverse discrimination.  His article contributes to recent affirmative action discussions generated by the Supreme Court case Fisher vs. … Read more