End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC Builds Health and Wellness from the Ground Up.

Health is an indicator of our potential to prosper.   

Good health begins with living soil and a clean environment.  It depends on access to fresh foods raised in healthy soils. Your own health influences everything from the quality of your personal relationships to your workplace productivity.  Poor health creates a glass ceiling that limits personal success and earning potential. 

When you ignore health until you need a doctor, you are taking risks that compromise family life and personal finance. 

At End-O-Fite Enterprises, we embrace healthy living, literally from the ground up.  Building on fundamental principles of microbiome restoration, regenerative agriculture, and nutrition, we offer products and services that help you:

  • support healthy microbiomes t0 protect you from dis-ease.
  • identify foods and supplements that keep you healthy.
  • grow organic food
  • build healthy soils.
  • study your health and soil health via online classes.
  • In progress:  we are adding a diversified demonstration farm that includes an orchard!   Stay tuned.

We are a family business demonstrating local actions that drive global solutions. 

Let’s face it.  Everybody wants good health. Everyone wants to know that the food they eat is safe and nutritious.  Everyone wants a clean environment and a stable climate.

The new, regenerative agriculture is the solution.

Our careers in agricultural marketing and agriscience research exposed David and I to many large-scale efforts intended to improve health, protect our food, and restore our environment.  Despite all these efforts, we continue to see farms close,  disease rates skyrocket, environmental quality decline, and hope for the future diminish.

As our own health needs forced us to focus on better nutrition, we realized that local options for the fresh organic foods we needed were simply too limited.  As Mary’s research revealed a path for improving local agriculture by restoring plant and soil microbiomes, we realized she had also stumbled on answers to better human health and climate change mitigation.  We opened our company to share our solutions with you.

Please read our introductions below.  If you like what we are doing, consider dropping us a line, and telling us a little about you as well.

Meet David Lucero

My wife, Mary and I co-founded End-O-Fite Enterprises because we wanted to offer our expertise on how to build healthy soils and healthy communities using organic and regenerative methods.  I recently retired from the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, where my most recent position was the Director of the Marketing and Development Division.

One of our goals has been to build a demonstration farm- a place where we could grow some of our own food while offerring workshops on building healthy soils
and healthy body’s.  Now, our goals are becoming a reality. We have recently sold our home in Vado, New Mexico and began transitioning to a small farm.

On the farm, we will grow an orchard consisting of apples, pears, peaches, and a handful of livestock.  We will expand to other crops as we grow.   We will also collaborate with other farms in researching the best practices for producing the highest quality, most nutritious, best tasting fruit in the area.

We want to be a part of a community where people want to spend time with us on our farm and bring their families to the farm to experience and learn where their food is coming from.  We want to offer a place where people can  learn to grow their own food in their own small gardens.

Please wish us the best of luck as we begin our new chapter. We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to meeting you at the farm.

Meet Mary Lucero

David and I have always shared interests in agriculture.  When we began our careers, it took more money than we had to begin farming.  So David went to work in marketing, and I became a scientist. I earned my PhD in molecular biology, and spent much of my career in agricultural and environmental science research and education.  There,I explored land restoration, plant and soil microbiomes, phytochemistry, and the complex interactions between plants and  Photograph of Dr. Mary Luceroendophytes.  Endophytes are microbes that live inside plants.

My fascination with endophytes inspired the name of our company.  David used a play on the word endophyte to reveal our mission of “ending the fight” for better living.

Two major life events helped me recognize the need to demonstrate better agricultural and health practices.

  • First, my research findings consistently demonstrated that plants grow better without the chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are the mainstay of modern agriculture. When I voiced these findings, I was told by leaders within my institution that I could not continue my line of research because it did not benefit agrochemical companies.  This made me realize that public research is funded to support private interests.
  • Second, my health declined steadily between 1990 and 2012, due to a combination of  misdiagnoses, poorly prescribed medications, long work hours, and the associated pressure to eat processed food that could be prepared quickly. Consequences to my family, my career, and our personal finances were devastating.  When I slowed down, replaced my prescription and OTC medications with more natural alternatives, and started eating whole foods we grew at home, my health improved.

These events forced me to look beyond the billions spent each year on research, and consider the impact so-called advanced technologies are having on our quality of life. Make no doubt about it, I love science and technology.   I miss working in the lab, and being involved in cutting edge discoveries.  But as I examined the way we integrate scientific technologies into our daily lives, I came to the disturbing realization that the way we go about  “doing science” and “implementing new technologies” in agriculture and healthcare is frequently endangering our future.

Some examples I’ve observed in my own lifetime are that we’ve developed chemcial and biological technologies to make agriculture better, yet every year we watch farms fail.  We’ve gained insights into conservation, remediation,  and land restoration, yet soil health and climate change impacts are reducing our ability to feed the future.

We have more food than ever.  But our food is filled with empty calories.  We live longer, but we spend those extra years in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living.

We enjoy technologies that make our homes easier to maintain, and our food easier to prepare.  But we rely increasingly on others to raise our children.  The quality of family life that is so critical for teaching soft skills and moral values to the next generation has become a shambles.

I believe we can reverse these dangerous trends and create a more prosperous outcome for many by adopting more biologically centered agricultural and healthcare practices.  When we grow crops and feed families in ways that promote the diverse ecosystems of beneficial microbes that keep air and water clean, build our soils,  detoxify wastes, and recycle the nutrients that support all living systems, we simply enjoy better health.  When we produce that food close to home, we reduce our dependence on institutions that don’t have our interests in mind. This is how we end the fight and create better futures for our children.