End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC Builds Health and Wellness from the Ground Up.

Good health begins with living soil and a clean environment.  Health also depends on access to fresh foods raised in healthy soils. Your own health influences everything from the quality of your personal relationships to your workplace productivity.  Poor health creates glass ceilings that limit personal success and earning potential. End-O-Fite Enterprises was founded by David and Mary Lucero to address local food shortages by restoring the cornerstones of healthy food systems

We embrace healthy living from the ground up, offering information, products, and services that help you:

  • build healthy soils.
  • support healthy microbiomes (from the soil to the gut)
  • enjoy complete nutrition.
  • learn about soil, nutrition, and healthy microbiomes.
  • grow and/or support small businesses that help local food systems thrive.