On Selecting Supplements


Fibromyalgia, like probably every illness known, is influenced by nutritional health.   It simply makes good sense to eat right when treating the disease.
For those of us who live in the Garden of Eden and eat fresh, whole, natural foods on a daily basis, this is a non-issue. ¬†But I’m not in Eden, so until my gardening skills improve, nutritional supplements sound like a good idea. ¬†But should I buy one of the 172,574 supplement products available on Amazon.com? ¬†Perhaps I should try one of the supplements my friends in network marketing keep promoting. ¬† Just considering the options makes me tired! ¬†Growing my own garden may really be easier, but since it is December and a storm is approaching, I better plan on supplements for a while.
My instinct tells me the best supplements are the most natural.  And natural means complex.  A synthetic multivitamin like Centrummay contain 30 key nutrients.   But a plant growing in nature is likely to contain thousands of biochemical compounds that interact with the human body in unknown ways.  Centrum is missing a few of those.  
So if I’m forking out hard earned money for a supplement, it better contain thousands of compounds. ¬†I don’t want Vitamin C (a single compound). ¬†I want rose hips (Vitamin C plus a few thousand other natural compounds).
The next thing I look for is convenience. ¬†Some people don’t mind swallowing 5 pills with every meal, or sipping on drink mixes that never really taste like the milk shakes they emulate. ¬†I do. ¬†So…I want natural supplements that are fun to take. ¬†They should smell good. ¬†They should taste good. ¬†And if I have to swallow them in pill form, I better not need more than one a day.
Now, this critera quickly reduces the number of supplements available on the market by about 172,560. ¬†I’m testing only a few essential oils (forget the labels, I want the ones that smell good), one tablet, and a juice drink. ¬†
With fewer to choose from, I feel better already.  Is it because the supplements are healing me?  Or is it because it is truly a relief not to have to pick from 172,574 different kinds of supplements?

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