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Image communicates that discussion focuses on fruit trees.

Testing fruit trees for nutrient deficiencies.

Well-nourished fruit trees are unlikely to invite pests and disease. The following video shares strategies we presented at the 2024 …
Image of wood burning down to charcoal is used to illustrate elemental Carbon

Carbon in the Diet-Do we really need fulvic acids, activated charcoal, or C60?

Carbon in the diet is a rare subject.  I am including it here, because in episode 13, I had a …
This image of a conifer seedling challenges the viewer to consider which plant nutrient is most neglected.

The Neglected Plant Nutrient

The neglected plant nutrient, carbon, is arguably the most important plant nutrient because, out of seventeen recognized plant nutrients, carbon …
Wheat farm and surrounding wind farm highlight the macroscopic green economy as a reminder that, like wind energy, microbially rich farmland can help mitigate greenhouse gasses.

The Microbial Economy and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Microbial economies trade greenhouse gasses for food and energy. By tapping into this system, we can increase agricultural profits. This …
Picture of a heart reminds us that the feeling of love has biochemical roots.

Oxytocin for Heart Health and More

Oxytocin supports heart health and more.   Often referred to as the “Love Hormone,” this little molecule is best known for …
Image of the flower from a desert shrub, Apache Plume provides an example of a desert riparian plant that can be revegetated using hydrogels.

Dryland Tree and Shrub Establishment

Dryland tree and shrub establishment can be tricky because young seedlings and transplants need to stay moist. In EPISODE 10  we …