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Small Business Services

When you are trying to grow your business, these payment processing, consumer financing, and other services can help

Image of small business activities.

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Wondering how to grow your business with email marketing?  Get your free guide here.

Health Care  Co-op

If standard health care options don’t work for you, your family, or your employees.  A health care co-op may be the solution.

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Seasonings and Beverages

Natural Health*

Amazing Coffee

These aromatic coffee blends include Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, and Fair Trade Certified™ options that taste as rich as they smell.

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Gotta Have Chocolate

Chocolate squares and beverages that are rich in antioxidants and better for your blood sugar. Doing Keto?   Look for keto friendly cocoa.

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Eco-Friendly Stick Packs

Be good to yourself and to the environment when you replace those carbonated sodas in aluminum cans and sugar-enhanced beverages in plastic bottles with ready mix stick packs of nutrient-rich beverages you can pour into your own water bottle.

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Spice Blends

Lock in the flavor with these naturally grown and preserved spices.  Colored containers protect aromatic compounds, so that flavors and aromas last longer.

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Enhanced Balsamic Vinegars

These fruit-enhanced balsamic vinegars make the perfect dressings or marinades.  We also  like to mix the Spiced Fig, Maple & Pear flavor  with fresh apple slices just before dehydrating!

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For Your Furry Friends

Pet Health

Picture of border collie Pets need good nutrition too. Click below to explore natural supplements and pest control products for pets.

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Easy Bathing

Stop fussing with the bath!  Veterinarian approved waterless shampoos make bathing easy and enjoyable for you and your pet.

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Safer Pest Control

Botanical formula controls pests that bother your dog.  Ask your vet about use on other animals.

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And Treats of Course!

Keep your pets happy and healthy with tasty treats made with real wholefoods and Botanically Derived Minerals. Grain & Gluten-Free.

Essential Nutrients

With today’s heavily processed foods and modern lifestyles, most people aren’t getting all the nutrients they need from their diet.  The options below can help you ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need to help your body stay strong.

Biologically Derived Minerals

Food grown in depleted soils can lack dozens of trace minerals that support good health.  Replace what is missing with plant based minerals.  If you are already eating a pretty good diet, these budget friendly supplements may be all you need to optimize your health.

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Essential Nutrient Packs

Tired of fractionating your nutrition into dozens of individual supplements? These packs consolidate 90 essential nutrients into just a few servings.

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Digestive Support

The old saying, “No guts, no glory,” rings true when it comes to health.  If your digestive tract is not functioning properly, you can’t extract the nutrients you need from the food you eat.  This means even a terrific diet will not keep you healthy when your digestive system fails. Digestive enzymes and the prebiotic fibers you get from eating fruits and vegetables all work together to support healthy digestion.

Digestive enzymes

Poor diet, processed foods, medications, and aging can all reduce the number of digestive enzymes available to process our food. These enzymes help us extract nutrients from our food.  People who are not extracting and absorbing nutrients from the food they eat may find help from digestive enzymes.

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Hyperimmune Egg

Shows an egg with enhanced antibodies Hyperimmune egg contains proteins that target unwanted pathogens to support healthy digestion and a healthy immune system.

Examine the amazing research on hyperimmune egg products, including clinical studies here.

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Hyperimmune egg products are available in powders you can mix with your favorite smoothie, capsules, or chewable tablets.

Shows an egg with enhanced antibodies

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Sports Nutrition


“Popular sports drinks use sugar, sodium, and potassium to replace more than 70 nutrients and electrolytes that your body loses during physical activity.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to replace more than 70 nutrients?   Check out these sports beverages-available in cans or portable stick packs.   Share them at your next practice.

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Weight Management

Excess weight is a nutritional problem that can cramp your lifestyle and reduce your energy.   Whole foods, a balanced diet and adequate nutrients may be all you need to lose weight.  But if your lifestyle is making a balanced diet hard to achieve, you might want to check out these products.

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Long term weight management takes more than a great diet drink.  If you are struggling to make the lifestyle changes that keep weight off for good, you might benefit from team support.   Our affiliates can connect you to weight loss programs with access to coaching, competitions and more.

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Microbiome Support

9 out of 10 cells in your body belong to your microbiome.  A a good diet, avoiding unnecessary chemicals in your food, and avoiding unnecessary medication are helpful strategies to support a healthy microbiome.   When the good diet slips, chemical exposures occur, or medications become necessary, good food, probiotics, prebiotics, and hyperimmune egg can help you restore a healthy microbiome.


Probiotics replace the good microbes that may be missing from your digestive tract.  These may be helpful if you eat a lot of processed foods, take medications, or have chronic health problems.  Ask your health care professional if probiotics may be helpful for you.

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Microbiome Restoration Formula

Combining hyperimmune egg products with, probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes while avoiding sugars and consuming essential nutrients can create an environment in your digestive tract that reduces unwanted microbes and supports a healthy microbiome. (This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.)

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Herbal Tinctures

herbs These herbal tablets and wildcrafted herbal tinctures support health naturally.  Herbs add complex blends of natural phytochemicals that have co-evolved to promote good cellular health. Wildcrafting from native habitats is used to ensure that herbs are utilized in their most natural forms.

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Teas and capsules

Additional herb teas, capules, and more are available through our affiliate website.  Enter the name of the herb you are looking for in the search bar to find products that contain it. You can also contact us directly for assistance.

Essential Oils

Essential oil All plants make essential oils that protect them from pests, infections, stress, and disease.   These same oils can have comparable effects in all living systems.  In fact, people have been utilizing essential oils therapeutically for centuries.   The oils available here are quality checked and associated with lot numbers that can be used to access certificates of analysis to validate the origin and compositional quality of each batch of oils you purchase. Individual oils and popular blends are available.

Download a free oils catalog to learn more about the quality standards, usage guidelines, places of origin and more, or browse through our oils online.

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Ready to Use

If you are an aromatherapist,  you probably love blending and diluting your own oils.  In that case, go directly to this website to explore single oil and carrier oil selections.

If you prefer ready-to-go oils, check out our pre-mixed roller botttle blends.

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Hemp and CBD oilPicture of hemp plant, seeds, and oil

Like the food you eat, CBD products (tinctures, lotions, edibles, beverages…) are only as good as the soil they are grown in and the standards they are processed by.

With recent legalization, many US manufacturers are rushing into the hemp market.  For the best results, wise consumers think about where their cbd is coming from.

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Grown in the U.S.A.

Broad Spectrum

Organically Grown

Allergen and Gluten Free

Independently Tested

0% THC

GMP Compliant

Looking Good

Farm & Garden

Making Memories Last

Mineral Makeup

Pure mineral makeup offers a long shelf life and fewer fillers than popular mineral make up brands.

All natural ingredients look great and nourish your skin.

Find foundations, eye shadows, lip balms, and more.  Compare ingredients to your favorite natural brand.

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Humic Acids

Humic substances improve soil quality in ways that include adding organic carbon and increasing the CEC (cation exchange capacity). Soils with high CEC are able to retain many nutrients. Like all natural products, humic acids vary widely in quality.

Improve soil health and plant nutrition with these naturally derived soil conditioners sized for gardeners.

granuals Humic acid

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We also have farm-sized quantities.  contact us here for details.

Plant Health

Liquid fulvic acids rich in colloidal trace minerals can be purchased in garden or farm-sized quantities.  Used in combination with appropriate biostimulants, liquid minerals can acellerate growth and improve plant performance. Contact us for details.

Saving Memories

Turn digital memories into photos, prints, canvases, cups, calendars, memory books and more.

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