Living soils and mineral nutrients are the

foundation of every kind of health.

environmental health…

soil health…

plant & animal health…


Most people don’t realize just how much their physical health depends on the microbes and mineral nutrients found in healthy soils.   This lack of awareness can be viewed as tragic because many people are suffering needlessly from chronic diseases that result from poor nutrition.   But it can also be viewed as a magnificent window of opportunity, because now we know how to reverse some of the biggest problems in the world!

Today we know that all health depends on microbes and mineral nutrients that support the ecosystems we live in, the crops we grow, the food we eat, and even the cells and tissues our bodies are made of.

Unfortunately, most foods today are grown in soils that lacks the microbes and mineral nutrients necessary to combat pests and disease.  Nutrients are also depleted from foods during storage, shipping, and processing, so by the time they land on our dinner table, they just don’t offer the nutrients we need to build strong bodies.  This truth is threatening the sustainability of our  farms and the health of people in our communities.

Growers who restore missing mineral nutrients and rebuild soil microbial food webs need fewer commercial inputs to generate profits.

Consumers who focus on whole foods and supplement missing nutrients often find that junk food cravings, aches and pains, and bothersome symptoms of declining health disappear.

Benefits of microbes and mineral nutrients:

For growers:  crop quality increases while input costs decrease.  Net profits can improve as crops become more nutrient dense.  Crop value improves because crops will have better flavor and more resistance to pests and disease.

For people: eating better quality food and supplementing as needed to ensure essential nutrient needs are met can provide the body with all the raw materials it needs to support good health.

The result: growers see higher profit margins, and consumers enjoy healthier, more active, lifestyles.

At End-O-Fite, we specialize in providing vital information, tools, and resources that help growers and consumers alike enjoy the benefits of healthy food grown in living soils.

Here are 4 ways we help growers and consumers enjoy the benefits of better nutrition:

  1. We teach workshops and online classes that teach principles of soil health, human nutrition, and functional microbiomes.
  2. We work with growers to restore soil health.
  3. We build networks that link local growers to consumers who are seeking healthier food choices.

I’m Mary Lucero, PhD and co-founder of End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC.

I’ve made it my mission to apply my experience and expertise to efforts that foster more soil-savvy growers and more health-conscious consumers.

On the pages of this website, you will encounter products and information including:

  • Training  that helps growers manage soil microbes and build soil health.
  • Dietary supplements that support healthy microbiomes, restore mineral nutrients, provide complete nutrition, detoxify cells, reduce oxidative stress, and even restore mitochondrial function.
  • An ongoing dialog, via podcasts and our  blog where I share insights and experiences, technical information, and guest perspectives that promote holistic and microbiome friendly solutions to for building better health from the soil up.

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