Microbes form the interface between matter and energy that all other life forms depend upon. Damage microbiomes and we damage ourselves.


Healthy Living Comes Easily When you Understand the Relationship Between Microbiomes, Mineral Nutrients, and the Food You Eat.

Microbes and mineral nutrients support:

environmental health…

soil health…

plant & animal health…

and even YOUR HEALTH

Most people don’t realize just how much their own health depends on the health of our microbiomes and of the soil environments in which our food is grown, prepared, and consumed.  Even though scientists and professional organizations like the Microbiology Society are working to raise awareness, people everywhere are suffering needlessly from dysbiosis and related nutritional deficits that contribute to chronic disease.

We spend fortunes on health care systems and biomedical research.  We throw money into political campaigns in the hopes that care will become more affordable.  In the Covid-19 era, we wear face masks and practice social distancing.  Yet we disregard the most important components of good health.

When we really stop to think about it, most of us already know deep down inside that the only lasting solutions to chronic disease are to:

  • Restore the depleted soils on which our food is grown

  • Replace cheap,  synthetic foods with whole foods and nutritional supplements derived from plants grown on healthy soils.

  • Learn what healthy soils and good nutrition look like, so we can take personal responsibility for our own health and well being.

  • Surround ourselves with like minded people who support and encourage healthy living.

We Restore Health From the Ground up by Helping Growers and Consumers Achieve Nutritional Goals

Benefits for growers:  By examining your soil health parameters, we help farmers and gardeners improve crop quality.  For many, our approach helps decrease input costs over time.  Crop value improves because crops will have better flavor and quality.  We can also promote farms to consumers in our network who are seeking access to healthier food.

Benefits for People who Eat: When your body  has access to all of the nutrients needed for healthy living, damaged cells, tissues, and organs can heal.  We help consumers learn to recognize nutritional deficiencies and make better diet and supplementation choices. Through our affiliate network, we can also help you identify cost effective solutions for both conventional and alternative health care needs.

Benefits for the Community: As local growers improve soil health, and local consumers begin eating better food (including more local food), a cascade of benefits to the community follow.  Local environmental quality improves (healthy farm soils produce less run off and help regenerate clean air and water).  As consumer health improves, so does productivity and innovation.  As networks develop around healthy food, a local multiplier effect kicks in, and local communities prosper.

The result: growers see higher profit margins, consumers enjoy healthier, more active, lifestyles, and communities enjoy a cleaner, more prosperous living environment.

Here are 4 ways we help growers and consumers enjoy the benefits of better nutrition:

  1. We teach workshops and online classes that teach principles of soil health, human nutrition, and functional microbiomes.
  2. We work with growers to restore soil health.
  3. We build networks that link local growers to consumers who are seeking healthier food choices.
  4. We offer nutrition products, garden products, and more through an online affiliate marketplace