Biodiversity is one key to low cost farming

Growing Solutions for Healthy Soil

Crop and Soil Health Monitoring · Microbial Analysis ·

Plant Performance Trials· R&D

We work with local growers to improve crop and soil health by monitoring and testing crops and soils. This may include local diagnostics, or sending samples to independent labs. We also collaborate with researchers and product developers to provide testing that evaluates crop and soil health in the presence of various nutritional, biological, or biostimulant products.


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Crop and Soil Health

Let us help with your crop and soil health monitoring.

Microbial Analysis

Direct cell counts and fungal/bacterial ratios offer valuable soil health indicators.

Plant Performance Trials

Wondering if the latest new product works with your crop and your soil combination? We offer a variety of rapid bioassays and full greenhouse trials that can reduce some of the risks of new practices.

Compost is an example of a soil amendment that supports biological production

Research & Development

We partner with researchers to investigate questions related to plant and soil health.

Research funded by public entities is published in appropriate venues.

Learn Why Soil Biology Is Important for Soil Health and Your Health.

Explore these online introductory classes, below, or visit our Cornerstones site for articles and podcasts on agricuture, health, and more.

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Online Classes

Learn about soil health, microbial analysis, and more. Study when you want, where you want.

Actively Growing Microbial Communities are Key to Healthy Soil

When you embrace biological farming, you put billions of little minions (we call them microbes) to work growing solutions for healthy soils.

These little guys store water in the soil.

They destroy pests.

They emit irresistible aromas that attract pollinators and other good insects.

They work 24/7 without asking for pension plans, paid vacations, 401 K’s, or workman’s comp. 

Their only real demands are that you minimize your tillage, and lay off all those “-cides.”.

– M. Lucero, PhD