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Testimonials – Microbial Analysis for Growers

This is a course that every grower needs to take. Whether your into backyard gardens or full scale agriculture, your soils want you to take this course immediately… Thank you Dr. Mary Lucero. You’ve made the world a better place…for all of life.

E. Kays

Great insight into the microbiology of our soil. I feel privileged to be able to learn such important information at a time when it is so relevant. The teacher and materials are presented in easy to understand and implement fashion. I recommend this course to anyone looking to understand our soil more. Thank you for putting this course together for us!

B. Payne

Yes, I have wanted to do a soil microscopy course for a very long time… I finally found one I could afford. I’m soaking all of this up like a sponge‚Ķ. or like living soil ?

Introduction to Building Better Soils
Great intro course!

Testimonials – Introduction to Building Better Soils

This was an excellent course. I am planning to purchase a small farm and this course has given me the foundational science that I will need to employ.


I have been through many educational experiences regarding agriculture, such as a permaculture certification course, a masters in sustainable food systems, and undergone several years in working with non-profits to spread gardening and agricultural efforts. There is a lot of information out there that can take years to sift through and can lead to dead ends. Thus far, this course has done a very good job of synthesizing the best of what I have studied up to this point and provides this in an easily accessible way. I am a fan of repetition and this course is a great tool for consistently honing the most critical principles in HEALTHY soil’s benefits to agriculture.

D. Kuder

The biological principles that keep your soil healthy are also good for your microbiome!

90 percent of the cells in YOUR body are not human at all. They come from living microbes.

The courses below are great for anyone seeking better health!

And growers, these classes are also helping consumers understand why it matters where their food is coming from.
Microbes do more than build healthy soil. Learn why your own health starts with how your food is grown.

Testimonials – Managing Your Microbiome

I loved how easy this was to understand. It gives you all the information you need to know about the microbiome if you’re just curious about it and want it for more understanding about your own health. Thank you!!

A. Guci

I really appreciated Mary’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in the area of our microbiome. There is a lot of “talk” these days about our gut microbiome, and I knew I could trust Mary’s words because of her study and experience in the area. Between Mary’s expertise and her personal experience, she was someone I could trust, and I enjoyed learning from her.

D. Bosnich
Living with Fibromyalgia
If you suffer from any kind of chronic pain and fatigue, this course can teach you healthy, non-medical strategies for lasting relief! (This course is not a substitute for medical care!)

Testimonials – Living with Fibromyalgia

It’s the best match I’ve come across so far in my search for help. Both Mary’s experience and that of her case study, Annette (whose mother, like mine, smoked when she was pregnant with her) have already given me some clarity.

M. Kneen

Mary is just such a cool and clever person‚Ķ.you can’t lose by learning what she has to say‚Ķher courses are amazing‚ĶThank you Mary.

J. Ryan