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When You Restore Microbiomes You Will Start Seeing:

Healthier Crops

Healthier Soils

Healthier Food

Healthier People

Most people don’t realize just how powerful a role microbial communities (aka microbiomes) play when it comes to the health of all other living systems.

Unfortunately, in this case what you don’t know can, and often does hurt you!

Today we know that our personal health depends on microbiomes that support the ecosystems we live in, the crops we grow, the food we eat, and even the cells and tissues our bodies are made of.

Most foods today are grown in soil that lacks the microbial activity necessary for proper nutrient cycling—our nutritional health suffers as a result.

But there is a bright side…

Where growers are restoring beneficial soil microbes, crop yields are increasing, input costs are decreasing, and the resulting crops are more resistant to pests and disease.

For consumers, these crops provide more robust, complex, flavors and nutritional benefits important for maintaining good health.

The result: growers see higher profit margins, and consumers enjoy healthier, more active lifestyles.

At End-O-Fite, we specialize in providing vital information, tools, and resources that help growers and consumers transition to more sustainable, microbiome friendly food and health care systems.

Just turn up your volume and watch this video to see how it works:

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Watch our 3 minute video above to learn why restoring microbiomes creates food security and restores health.


Here are 3 ways End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC helps growers and consumers enjoy healthier food systems:

  1. Provide formal training and extension that highlights the direct and indirect benefits of restoring natural microbiomes.
  2. Restore beneficial microbes that improve agricultural production, human nutrition, and ecosystem function.
  3.  Build networks that link growers and producers to consumers seeking healthier food choices.

Because microbes influence every corner of our food systems, from the soil we grow our food in to the gut where digestion occurs, and beyond, you might think of us as a private extension service. Our services assist with agriculture, health, nutrition, and economics. 

I’m Mary Lucero, PhD and co-founder of End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC.

I’ve made it my mission to apply my experience and expertise to efforts that foster more soil-savvy growers and more health-conscious consumers.

On the pages of this website, you will encounter products and information including:

  • Training and testing solutions that help growers manage soil microbes and crop nutrition to increase yields while reducing input costs.
  • Natural health solutions, including those from affiliate sites, that support healthy microbiomes with natural and nutritional solutions. We can help you enhance nutrition, detoxify cells, reduce oxidative stress, and even restore mitochondrial function.
  • An ongoing dialog, via our cultivating victory blog where I share insights and experiences, technical information, and guest perspectives that promote holistic and microbiome friendly solutions to food security and integrated, sustainable, human and environmental health.


Together we can spread the important message that all healthy living systems start with healthy microbial systems.