Your Health

Your health requires as many as 90 essential nutrients.

We all know that food can be the best medicine.  What is important to recognize is that food is only the best medicine when it is grown on the best soil, and harvested fresh.

This means most of us run short on nutrition, at least some of the time.

When you recognize that the environment you surround yourself with and the foods you select are impacting your:

  • energy levels

  • mental focus,

  • happiness

  • performance

  • resistance to disease

  • income potential

your relationship to food changes.   You stop being a mindless consumer of whatever the market throws your way.  You start becoming a steward of healthy food systems in your community.

Our online health classes are designed to help you understand the intimate relationship between your environment, the food you eat, and your personal health.

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Most course participants are anxious to support local food systems.  But many local food systems require rebuilding, and that takes time.

Supplements from Youngevity and associated brands can help fill gaps in your diet.   As Youngevity affiliates, we have built our organization to ensure that the commissions we and others earn when you purchase products from the links below will help support farmers and gardeners who are working to build healthy food systems.

We encourage you to explore their complete selection of:

essential nutrients

organic or wildcrafted herbs

microbiome support formulas

essential oils

other Youngevity products

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