Nutritional Health

“Let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

–Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine

Sudden accidents and injuries undoubtedly require medical care.  But the chronic concerns that bring many of us to the health care system can often be addressed more effectively with simple lifestyle changes that restore function to cells and microbiomes.

It is no surprise that many among us are malnourished.  Nutrients and phytochemicals that are missing from many of our crops,  agricultural soils, and processed foods  are powerful for addressing universal factors that contribute to declining productivity, including:

Our Managing Your Microbiome Online Course focuses heavily on nutrition, because the odds are, if you are under nourished, so is your microbiome.

Let’s go a bit deeper to see the connection between Food Security, and Nutrition.…

  • Food security is defined by the World Health Organization as the condition that exists when people have access to enough safe, healthy, and nutritious food to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Because food security involves access to food, it is interdependent with the quality of local food systems.
  • We are not trained to think about health in terms of food security or access to nutrition.  Yet 86% of our health care costs are linked to treatment of chronic diseases that are symptomatic of depleted food systems.
  • Good nutrition is simply fundamental to good health.