Why Affiliate?

Let’s face it, the world has changed.  Sole proprietor local business models are not working well to support families and communities today.  Since big businesses are often found in big cities, this shift has left rural communities in much of the world are collapsing as young professionals take jobs in the cities.   Yet rural communities offer some of the most ideal locations for raising families, restoring good health, and growing good food.

If we are going to build healthy food systems at any scale, we need to create systems in which agriculture and the local communities that support it can thrive.  We need to create opportunities in rural communities. We need to embrace new ideas.

As a small family business in a rural community we quickly found that good partnerships would be essential to our success.   Building an online course takes one set of skills.  Building the online hosting platform and marketing it to a targeted audience takes a very different kind of skill.  Our partnerships with online educational platforms like Udemy have been critical for building our global outreach.

Affiliate partnerships, including various types of online and direct marketing, even marketing through multi-level affiliates, offer proven models that have withstood the test of time.  Direct marketing was initiated in the Americas more than a century ago, and quickly evolved to include multi-level marketing options that have now existed across generations.  Once characterized by house parties and home visits, the growth of internet technologies made this and other forms of affiliate marketing widely accessible, and multi-level marketing moved online.  In recent years, financial experts like Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-seller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, have identified multi-level marketing as one of the best ways that people with only a little startup capital can generate significant income.  We began experimenting which nutritional affiliates when workshop clients began asking where they could find food and supplement products that replenished missing nutrients.   We learned that, like with anything else, there are ups and downs to affiliations, and it helps to have a strategy for choosing who you partner with.

We choose our affiliates (multi-level and others) for a number of reasons. A few of our most important reasons are listed below.

  • Our affiliates offer products we value. Affiliation allows us to offer high-quality nutrition products for people, pets, plants, and soil.  We look for affiliates whose products align with our mission of healthy soils and healthy people. As businesses grow and change, affiliations may also change.  We work to base our changes on maintaining affiliations with companies that offer products or services which we value enough to use ourselves, and products that can help our clients.
    • One of our affiliate’s founders was once a student of the renowned soil scientist, William Albrecht.  Albrecht’s efforts to understand healthy soils as a source of good nutrition influenced our own approach to soil management. Today, the rapidly expanding product base extends beyond nutrition.
  • We like the people. We’ve been very fortunate to join a team of practical, down-to-earth members who value healthy people and healthy soils. Let’s face it. Making healthy choices in a fast food world is hard for everyone.  By affiliating with a company that shares our passion for health from the ground up, we are able to connect to large networks of people who already understand the soil-health connection.  This makes it easy to connect with experts that can help us (and our clients) achieve our goals.
  • We can generate diverse income streams in a changing world.  Farming is a risky business. So is private, online education. We love what we do enough that we want to keep doing it for years to come.  As we build our orchard, we recognize that it will be years until we can generate revenue from produce.  We also know that even when our trees mature, late freezes, hailstorms, and changing government regulations are threats to success that we have little control over.
    • A successful farm is a successful business.  As such, we requires multiple income streams.   As a small business in a rural community, we must also wear a lot of hats.  By offering affiliate links, we can serve client’s natural health needs year-round.  We can build networks that value healthy food. We can even build active connections with people beyond our community.  These networks help keep us abreast of new trends and new resources.
  • Affiliates serve our clients in ways that we cannot.  We do our best to understand your needs and interests.  We can address a lot of questions about soil health, crop health, microbial community/microbiome  health, and even your health.  But we can’t answer all your questions, and we can’t began to stock all the products and inventory you might need to implement healthier practices.  By pointing you to affiliates we have built relationships with, we can extend our reach, and yours.
  • Affiliates networks can channel money into local communities. Living in a rural community, we meet people every day who are struggling because the income opportunities that once sustained the community are gone.  By building organizations through multi-level marketing affiliates, we can offer opportunities that connect our community to alternative income streams.
  • Affiliates networks form assets we can pass to the next generation.  Everything we do at End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC serves a dual purpose.  We want to build healthy soils and healthy people today.  We also want to leave a better future for those who follow us.  An affiliate network is an asset that provides not only financial benefits; it also creates an organization that becomes a transferable asset.  It creates assets (revenue streams and a network of like-minded people) that can be transferred across generations to support new communities that value healthy land and healthy people.

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