Why Affiliate?

Partnerships with Independent Companies help us create courses, provide online information, and offer our customers products and services that help them meet their goals. 

Our partnership with Udemy allows us to provide online courses that are helping students on 6 continents restore microbiomes, build healthy soils, grow better food, and achieve their wellness goals.

Our partnerships with network marketing affiliates helps us make dietary supplements and other products we value available to a larger community.  Through network marketing, we can be sure that products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the consumer.  You don’t have to wonder how long it sat on our shelves before you received it.  We can also connect those who are seeking new opportunities to an extensive network of affiliated businesses that offer products we could never offer by ourselves, including business services, healthcare plans, cleaning products, soil conditioners, cosmetics, and much more.

Recently, we have affiliated with an online bookshop to provide a further reading that supports content in our classes and workshops. When you purchase from this link, some of the proceeds will support our efforts and the efforts of local bookstores. This support for local businesses is part of our cornerstone philosophy for restoring healthy food systems. Please check back from time to time to explore our selection.

While our affiliations may change as our business evolves, we do have a strategy for choosing our affiliates.  We also limit affiliations to those we can effectively manage.

How we choose our affiliate partners

  • Does the affiliate offer a selection of quality products of value for building healthy food systems?  We choose affiliates that offer products that meet real needs we’ve identified for ourselves and for our existing network of partners and customers. Generally, these products support our course content or assist in restoring one or more of the cornerstones of healthy food systems.
  • Does the affiliate serve our clients in positive ways that we cannot.  We do our best to understand your needs and interests.  We can address a lot of questions about soil health, crop health, microbial community/microbiome health, and even your health.  But we can’t answer all your questions, and we can’t begin to stock all the products and tools you might need to grow better food or embrace healthier, more independent lifestyles.  By pointing you to affiliates we have built relationships with, we can extend our reach as well as yours.
  • Does the affiliate offer opportunities for local communities. The economy has changed.  Living in a rural community, we meet people every day who are struggling because the income opportunities that once sustained the community are gone.  We can’t build food systems in failing economies.  When we find tools and opportunities that might help those around us develop new businesses, we like to share those opportunities with our readers.  Affiliations help us accomplish that goal.


Contact Mary to learn more about our affiliate partnerships and opportunities.