The Origins of End-o-Fite Enterprises LLC

The Origins of End-o-Fite Enterprises LLC

Food Security requires access to safe and nutritious food.


End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC was established in 2012 with the intent to “end the fight” for food security by restoring microbes to agricultural soils and human microbiomes so that people would have better access to safe, nutritious food.¬† Restoring microbes requires restoring nutrients.¬† The two are inter-related in a complex dance between microbes that dissolve nutrients from rocks and soil particles, and minerals that supply the raw materials, the elements, that all life is dependent on.¬† The question of which is most important is somewhat like asking which came first,¬† the chicken and the egg.

Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets Airs on bOpit

Since beginning our business, we have worked with growers to provide tools and information that help them build better soils.  We offer online classes, workshops, and private consultations that help growers assess and improve the health of their soils.   This month, we have added a podcast, with the help of bOpit Southern NM podcast network.  You can listen to our first episode below.

[lightbox]Microbes, Minerals and Mindsets Episode 1: Ending the Fight for Food Security

Highlights:  The name End-O-Fite is a play on the word endophyte.  Endophytes are microbes that live inside plants.  Like other plant associated microbes, endophytes influence plant health and food quality. Food security is the state of having access to enough safe, nutritious food to live a healthy life.  At End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC, we strive to build food security by restoring microbes to our food ecosystems and by changing the way people think about food.  Food safety is tightly regulated, so we focus on our efforts on restoring microbioms with nutrition and on efforts that help people think differently about food and about the mindset, or decisions, that impact their health. [/lightbox]

Use our contact page to let us know how you like the podcast.¬† You can also suggest new topics you’d like to hear.

YGY Membership Offers Access to High Quality Nutrition 

The search for nutrition products and the need to make good nutrition affordable in underserved areas led us to explore network marketing companies.  We knew that the more options we can offer people, the better, and with network marketing, we can offer our clients an extensive range of nutrition products without having to manage inventory, staff, or other components of a traditional business.  We can also gain access to a consortium of alternative and conventional health professionals who can work with us in an affordable manner, to guide our clients towards natural health solutions.  When we found Youngevity, and learned that the founder, Dr. Joel Wallach, understood the whole story of soil health, farm economics, and the relationships between human health and soil health, I knew we had found a partner company that could help us achieve our goals.

Community Networks are Key to Success

As we work toward better food systems, we are increasingly grateful to the Las Cruces Business Community, to the members of our YGY network, to the many growers and crop support professionals who have guided us, and to you, our readers, for your continuing support.  It is the efforts of networks like these that will ensure a better, healthier, and more secure future for the next generation.



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