Stress Management with Nrf2 Activation

When stress exceeds our ability to cope, it impacts every area of our life.¬† ¬†Diet and lifestyle changes that reduce our exposure to stressful situations while improving our ability to cope with stress are both critical stress management tools. Why diet?¬† Because at the cellular level, stress creates an abundance of free radicals-a condition known … Read more

Glyphosate Residues Permeate Food Webs. Here’s How You Can Fight Back.

Photo showing cattle.

A recent (2014) study published by Monika Kr√ľger and colleagues in the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology¬† revealed the presence of glyphosate residues in grazing and foraging animals and in people, highlighting key problems associated with a herbicide that targets an entire kingdom of primary¬†producers. ¬†Glyphosate residues were found in hares and rabbits, cattle, … Read more