Dryland Tree and Shrub Establishment

Image of the flower from a desert shrub, Apache Plume provides an example of a desert riparian plant that can be revegetated using hydrogels.

Dryland tree and shrub establishment can be tricky because young seedlings and transplants need to stay moist. In EPISODE 10¬†¬†we look at simple strategies you can use to ensure your dryland plantings live, grow, and feed your soil.¬† These strategies protect biodiversity and help restore the environmental cornerstone of healthy food systems. Wondering if dryland … Read more

Remembering the Past With Yerba de Alonso Garcia


¬†Did Native Americans Name Good Plants after Good People? My friend¬†Andrea once told me that early Americans, like the Navajo and the Apache, named plants with beneficial properties after people they liked. It was sort of a way to compliment the good people in their lives.¬† She added that snakes, flies, and mosquitoes might be … Read more