Why all the Interest in Hemp and CBD?

How New Information and Chronic Pain Opened My Eyes to the Value of Hemp If you would have told me 15 or 20 years ago that I would be affiliated company that sold hemp, I would have laughed.¬† No really.¬† The idea would have been ludicrous to me.¬† Afterall, I spent much of my young … Read more

Cultivating Food Security with Farmer-&-Consumer Networks

Consumers Need to Know Where Their Food Comes From Throughout the years I’ve been involved in agrisciences, I’ve had many occasions to interact with farmers, ranchers, and other producers who ensure we have food on our table.¬† As long ago as I can remember, these farmers and ranchers have expressed concerns that¬†people¬†simply don’t understand where … Read more

Five Important Health Facts Your Doctor Never Shared With You

1. Doctors Don’t All Take the Hippocratic Oath. I learned about the Hippocratic Oath from my parents, who believed all physicians took a Hippocratic Oath that bound them to serve the patient and “do no harm.”¬† Only recently did I revisit this information.¬† I learned that only about 11% of contemporary physicians even take the … Read more