Six Traits Keep Angels Standing Tall In New Mexico’s Economic Whirlwinds

  Changing Times are Troubling We often hear about challenges we are facing in modern times. ¬†Real and/or perceived effects of climate change, globalization, big data, and the largest human population ever are undoubtedly stressing contemporary society. ¬†Some of these have been put into perspective with the popular YouTube Video, Did You Know. ¬†I’ve inserted … Read more

Resurrecting the Corn Mothers to Make Food Systems Sustainable

Sustainable Food Systems Drive Sustainable Economies In the industrialized¬†world, corporate owned food systems have created low priced, readily¬†available, empty calories with long shelf lives. ¬†This biologically inactive foodstuff (emphasis on stuff) has come at the expense of family farms, rural communities, environmental health, basic human nutrition, and civil liberties. ¬†As a result, the cost of … Read more

Restoring the Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems

Image shows a model of healthy food systems based on 4 cornerstones of a clean environment, regenerative agriculture, nutritional health, and freedom.

What is a healthy food system? Food systems are made up of complex webs of interactions that provide access to food. Healthy food systems are economically and nutritionally secure.¬† Ideally, a healthy food system provides access to safe, healthy, and nutritious food for everyone.¬† Because healthy food systems are essential to humanity itself, they also … Read more