Why Is Living Soil a Disruptive Innovation?

We know soil is alive.¬† Why do we treat it like dirt? The first lesson in the first soils class I ever took covered what soil is made of.¬† We learned soil contains minerals, air, water, organic matter, and “critters”.¬† Yes.¬† That’s right.¬† Critters.¬† All those little squirmy, wiggly things that live underground.¬† Bacteria.¬† Fungi.¬† … Read more

Fungal Rich Compost Supports Vigorous Plant Growth

Fungal superhighways operate underground to decompose minerals and nutrients from soil and deliver them to plants. ¬†For this reason, fungi are¬†powerful, yet too often overlooked additions to plant production. ¬†Many industrial agricultural techniques damage these fungal communities, resulting in less than optimal crop yields, reduced crop nutrition, and increased need for agrochemicals. ¬†As a result, … Read more

On Solar Powered Nitrogen Factories

Recently, I was invited into a discussion on the potential for “solar powered nitrogen factories”. The dialog dealt with using legumes and grasses as cover crops to increase soil fertility. This is of course, a great strategy which farmers are adopting at large scales. As the cover crops grow, they release sugars that feed soil … Read more