The Amazing Power of Peppermint Oil

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Written by: Shelley Michael CHHC Shelley is a certified wellness counselor and advocate for using toxic free, organic healthy home and personal care products and natural remedies that support healthy people and a healthy planet. You can read Shelley‚Äôs blog at:   It is no secret we love peppermint. We like our gum to … Read more

Fast Relief for Sneezing and More

Fast relief for sneezing, wheezing, sniffling, and more.¬† When seasonal allergies have you sneezing and wheezing, rapid and effective relief can be found with essential oils.¬† ¬† Now before I expand on this. I do need to share my standard disclosure:¬† ¬†I am not an MD and I don’t diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease.¬† … Read more

Remembering the Past With Yerba de Alonso Garcia


¬†Did Native Americans Name Good Plants after Good People? My friend¬†Andrea once told me that early Americans, like the Navajo and the Apache, named plants with beneficial properties after people they liked. It was sort of a way to compliment the good people in their lives.¬† She added that snakes, flies, and mosquitoes might be … Read more