Herbicide Drift Ignites a Toxic Cascade

Herbicides Don’t Just Kill Weeds In the last post, we looked at biological cascades in ecosystems.¬† We saw that seemingly unrelated activities are linked together through complex food webs.¬† Living creatures that seem unrelated at first glance turn out to be so dependent on one another that what benefits one species can benefit many.¬† Likewise, … Read more

Healthy Living Is the Ultimate Declaration of Independence

Tomorrow,¬† American’s everywhere will be celebrating independence with back yard barbecues and fireworks displays.¬† We will express gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy, and proclaim ourselves an independent country.¬† Are we?

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The Amazing Power of Peppermint Oil

photo of Shelly Michael

Written by: Shelley Michael CHHC Shelley is a certified wellness counselor and advocate for using toxic free, organic healthy home and personal care products and natural remedies that support healthy people and a healthy planet. You can read Shelley‚Äôs blog at: www.LifeStyleEntrepreneurist.com   It is no secret we love peppermint. We like our gum to … Read more

Whitewashing Pesticide Hazards

Investigative Journalist Carey Gillam Explains Why Toxic Pesticides Permeate Food Systems Food safety regulations and labeling are promoted as a way to reassure the public that the food we purchase is safe.¬† But it it? In her new book, Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science, Investigative Journalist Carey … Read more

Glyphosate Residues Permeate Food Webs. Here’s How You Can Fight Back.

Photo showing cattle.

A recent (2014) study published by Monika Kr√ľger and colleagues in the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology¬† revealed the presence of glyphosate residues in grazing and foraging animals and in people, highlighting key problems associated with a herbicide that targets an entire kingdom of primary¬†producers. ¬†Glyphosate residues were found in hares and rabbits, cattle, … Read more

Chemical Dependency Starts in the Soil

Chemical dependence begins in the soil where our food is grown. Chemical Dependency Is About So Much More Than Recreational¬†Drugs Growing up on the edge of Generation X, I learned early on about the most universally recognized forms of chemical dependency. ¬†In our community, we were exposed to a number of people who drank too … Read more