Food Webs and Healthy Microbiomes

  What does a healthy microbiome look like? In the last decade, the potential for the human microbiome to improve human health has leaped from obscure scientific abstracts onto the public radar.¬† School teachers, health coaches, and dental hygienists and nutrition experts are preaching the need for a healthy microbiome.¬† But what does a healthy … Read more

Education for Sustainable Living

What is Sustainable Living? Sustainable living refers to the adoption of¬†lifestyles or cultures that support healthy and prosperous communities and healthy ecosystems¬†for present and future generations. ¬†Lifestyles are shaped through education. ¬†Education that allows students to interact with their environment and experience¬†healthy, prosperous living¬†is more likely to produce sustainable cultures. ¬†This essay compares educational trends¬†observed … Read more

Restoring the Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems

Image shows a model of healthy food systems based on 4 cornerstones of a clean environment, regenerative agriculture, nutritional health, and freedom.

What is a healthy food system? Food systems are made up of complex webs of interactions that provide access to food. Healthy food systems are economically and nutritionally secure.¬† Ideally, a healthy food system provides access to safe, healthy, and nutritious food for everyone.¬† Because healthy food systems are essential to humanity itself, they also … Read more