Stress Management with Nrf2 Activation

When stress exceeds our ability to cope, it impacts every area of our life.   Diet and lifestyle changes that reduce our exposure to stressful situations while improving our ability to cope with stress are both critical stress management tools.

Why diet?  Because at the cellular level, stress creates an abundance of free radicals-a condition known as oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress damages cells in a manner that contributes to aging and is associated with inflammation and disease.

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Nrf2 Activation Combats Stress at the Cellular Level

An important stress coping mechanism called Nrf2 Activation helps cells eliminate free radicals to prevent cellular damage caused by (oxidative) stress.  This naturally occurring biochemical pathway can be activated by diet.  Foods like broccoli, berries, green tea, and tumeric are all effective Nrf2 activators.  However, the most effective Nrf2 activator reported in the literature to date is an herbal dietary supplement available through independent distributors via a direct marketing outlet.  Made of natural herbs, and backed by  peer reviewed research from independent university studies, the patented formula offers a powerful tool for managing stress that interferes with your ability to make positive lifestyle changes.  





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