Soil Health

Soil Testing with Microbial Density and Diversity (MDD) Analysis


Can your soil or compost support nutrient cycling and and decomposition critical for healthy and sustainable crop production?endofite_soil_web2_4-5-16

Microbial Density and Diversity (MDD) Analysis is a semi-quantitative method that uses light microscopy to assess soil or compost samples for biological components like fungi, bacteria, protozoans, and microarthropods that make up healthy soil food webs.  By assessing the density of microbes in a standardized extract and examining the diversity of microbes present, we can determine whether your soil is supporting active food webs, and make recommendations about management strategies that can help improve nutrient cycling in your soil.

When healthy soil food webs are present, crop yields increase, crop flavor and nutrition improves, and chemical input costs are minimized, if not completely eliminated.

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