Why Keep Native Plants on Your Farm or Garden

Reasons to include native plants are abundant. Listen to this week’s episode to learn why we include native plants on our farm.   Can you benefit from using natives in your farm or garden?


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Host Mary Lucero discusses the benefits of including native plants in your farm or garden.

  • Erosion Prevention
  • Birds, Bees, and other Beneficials
  •  Locally Adapted Warehouses of Beneficial Microbes and Genes.
  • Alternative Foods and Seasonings
  • Medicinal Value
  • Free eBook
  • Where to find native plants
  • Ethical collection of native plants

These are only a few of the reasons for native plants. On farms and food gardens, native plants support ecologically sound crops.  But native plants also offer additional values in urban landscapes.   Low water use and low maintenance demands help any gardener grow natives successfully.

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Supplemental: When you Don’t Grow Herbs (Native or Otherwise)

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