Popular Herbicide Rounding Up a Multidimensional Disaster

No Chemical Does More to Promote Disease than Glyphosate

In the video above,  Dr Alex Vasquez explains why no chemical does more on an international basis to promote disease than glyphosate, the active ingredient in the popular herbicide, Round Up. Efforts of many like Vasquez, who highlights events in Columbia, are making headway around the world.

Internationally, one petition online has collected more than a million signatures from concerned citizens asking governments to immediately suspend the use of glyphosate.  Scientists from around the world have also voiced concerns through numerous scientific publications, the Institute of Science and Society, and various independent and social media.

It is not surprising that a chemical capable of wiping out the majority of the plant kingdom,¬†and is also toxic to beneficial bacteria,¬†and is marketed in mixtures that are also toxic to¬†fungi¬†¬†would be causing ecological chaos. ¬†What is surprising is that the chemical has been used for decades, and has been marketed as safe! ¬†During these same years, rates of many chronic diseases that have been linked to glyphosate have soared. ¬†Many reported disease linkages, including links to Celiac’s disease, appear to involve disruption of the human microbiome.

Will International Efforts Influence Glyphosate Usage in Your Neighborhood?

Historically, governments have been slow to respond to evidence challenging the safety of glyphosate. The political power of companies that produce and market glyphosate pesticides is significant, and new legislation has an eerie way of benefitting those with the most power.

Perhaps the fastest way to bring about change that impacts citizens close to home is to widely disseminate information about glyphosate dangers, and appeal to the common sense of pesticide applicators, growers, and consumers.  Those who inform others, sign petitions, communicate concerns to policy makers, and vote with their dollars can dramatically influence decision makers.

When consumers demand glyphosate free food and water, growers won’t need legislation to change the way they do business. When enough people team up to demand that the parks, school playgrounds, public lands and other environments paid for with their tax dollars are glyphosate free, communities will change with or without legislation.

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