Oxytocin for Heart Health and More

Oxytocin supports heart health and more.¬† ¬†Often referred to as the “Love Hormone,” this little molecule is best known for its effects on social behavior.

When oxytocin levels are high, humans and other mammals feel drawn to one another.

Social animals require healthy bonding for survival, and oxytocin has probably evolved to reinforce those bonds.   Oxytocin released during childbirth helps mothers fall in love with their babies.

But recent studies reveal important effects oxytocin plays other roles, not only in reproductive health, but also in weight management, cardiovascular function, bone health, and more.  Many of these were reviewed and cited in the journal, Frontiers in Endocrinology, in February, 2022.   The authors reveal roles oxytocin plays in many aspects of health, including heart health, weight management, bone health, and others.

The great thing about oxytocin is that both diet and behavior impact its levels.   Foods and supplements rich in vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, or tryptophan may help your body produce healthy levels of oxytocin.  So can behaviors most of us enjoy.  This includes listening to music, meditation, massage, hiking outdoors, and being close to people you care about.

So it seems that having a little more love in your life is a good thing-not just emotionally, but physically.   Because when you feel love, you know that oxytocin is hard at work keeping your body healthy.

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