Our success restoring food systems hinges upon our ability to tap into

opportunities that make the most of our changing physical and economic environment

Food security is as much about agriculture and nutrition as it is about education and economic development.

Once you seize upon this truth, you unleash a wide range of exciting possibilities.

Here are a few opportunities currently available to you:



Students who want to work with End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC may be able to negotiate credit that applies to their degrees, or gain experience in research and development projects.

I have university affiliations that enable me to act as advisor or committee member on graduate committees, and to teach special topic classes at graduate and undergraduate levels.

I have worked side by side with students of sustainability in agriculture and natural resources, arts and sciences, and education, and we are also open to sustainability, health, and food security projects that involve other disciplines.


Special features

If you are an organic grower, a conventional or alternative health provider, writer, or anyone with a passion for sustainability and food security then you could be an excellent candidate for our Cultivating Victory guest articles or interviews.

We are always on the lookout for high quality, relevant, helpful content, so let us feature your work in our blog.  Contact us for details.


Health and Wellness Business Opportunity

Transforming local food systems requires development of local and small scale, independent economies.  Just as local food demands local farmers, local economies require local entrepreneurs.  After significant research, we have chosen to affiliate with a unique company that promotes healthy lifestyles, while offering opportunities for independent entrepreneurs.  

They offer products that help combat the damaging impacts of substandard diets,  have a stellar reputation for providing products backed by good science, and fill clear dietary and microbiome restoration needs that have been expressed by our customers.

Imagine having an enthusiastic, like-minded team of entrepreneurs helping you grow a thriving, high integrity business that offers flexibility to work on your own terms, and pursue your own interests.

If you’d like to generate your own income stream by networking with others, educating people about their health, and helping us build networks that support local food efforts, this could be a good fit for you.


Contact us for details.