Managing Your Microbiome


9 of 10 Cells in Your Body Belong to Your Microbiome!

A growing number of chronic health conditions have been associated with an imbalanced microbiome*.

In Managing Your Microbiome for Optimal Health and Nutrition, you will learn natural approaches that help microbial cells in and on your body support good health.

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*An imbalanced microbiome is associated with:

Heart Disease,¬†Diabetes,¬†Irritable Bowel Syndrome,¬†Obesity,¬†Alcoholism,¬†Depression,¬†Anxiety, Atherosclerosis, Acne,¬†Tooth Decay,¬†GERD,¬†Malnutrition,¬†Asthma,¬†Allergies…and other conditions that reduce your quality of life.¬†

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Here’s What Previous Participants Have Said

“I went looking for a nutrition course and this is sooo interesting”

“I really appreciated Mary’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in the area of our microbiome. There is a lot of “talk” these days about our gut microbiome, and I knew I could trust Mary’s words because of her study and experience in the area. Between Mary’s expertise and her personal experience, she was someone I could trust, and I enjoyed learning from her.”

“…an expert scientist and world-class teacher personalizes and makes a complex subject easy to understand. She offers offers thought provoking anwers to enhancing our lives, health and happiness by managing our microbiome in community with other like-minded pioneers.”

“A wonderful teacher, with a message for the time.”


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