Multidimensional Wellness


Casa De Mi Alma Wellness Center, Las Cruces, NM, USA

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Alma Salazar, a budding entrepreneur who is stretching her muscles on a truly multi-dimensional wellness center in Las Cruces, NM. Salazar has chosen a prominent location near the downtown area where she is integrating mental, physical, environmental, and nutritional health, by inviting diverse small businesses to work together. ¬†Visitors to Casa De Mi Alma, “home of my soul,” for the English-only readers, can receive professional counseling or fitness coaching from Salazar, who is both a professional social worker and a personal trainer. ¬†They may engage in dance and fitness classes at Mesilla Valley Dance, receive childcare and tutoring services at Learn for a Lifetime, or receive assistance restoring food security and integrated health at End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC. ¬†Soon, the¬†Casa¬†will be further enhanced with a health food cafe and organic garden. ¬†“Food for Thought” is scheduled to open in February. ¬† Alma’s grand vision is simple. ¬†She wants to provide a place in the community where people can be together and be healthy.

Alma’s grand vision is simple. She wants to provide a place in the community where people can come together and be healthy.¬†

Look for any number of workshops or get-togethers, ranging from drumming circles to composting workshops, and craft shows to pain management seminars. Plans are also on the drawing board for a edible landscape design contest, the outcome of which will launch an organic demonstration garden.  What better way to illustrate the intimate connection between health and environment than to allow visitors to observe the growing garden as they eat food in an organic cafe?  Donations and volunteers are being sought to help with the planning and development of the organic garden.

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