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Healthy Food Networks Fuel Prosperous Communities

Food security, the state of having access to enough safe, nutritious food to live a healthy lifestyle, is key to the health and productivity of any community. When food quality, affordability, or availability increase, hunger, malnutrition, and disease (including chronic diseases) decrease.  Food secure economies prosper because healthy people are productive, and health care costs are low.  Environmental health, biodiversity, and social justice issues are all related to the state of food security, so by restoring food systems, we can create benefits that impact many.

We Have Solutions
Building secure, healthy food networks is not complicated when holistic approaches are used to grow, distribute, and consume food. Our plan combines agricultural, dietary, educational, and economic approaches into a holistic model for making local, nutrient dense food more sustainable and more affordable, while providing financial opportunities for those who work with us.  By building partnerships within and beyond our organization, we are able to support networks that channel resources into small farms, households, and communities to support the growth of diverse and independent food systems.

Will You Help Us?
We are seeking farmers, ranchers, food processors, gardeners, nutrition consultants, scientists, health care providers, educators, and anyone who is committed to creating change to join our team. We have volunteer and commissioned earning options available.  Whether you want to simply stay informed, spread the word, improve your own nutritional health, start producing more nutritious food, or generate new income, our 5 part series will give you the overview you need to decide whether our team is right for you.

Through our free 5 part series, we will reveal:

  • Who we are, why our two pronged model for building secure food systems works, and how it aligns with recommendations made by global experts.
  • Educational programs we’ve developed to help growers and consumers alike learn to use microbial power to make soil, crops, and the foods we eat deliver more nutrition.
  • Ways to stay informed and connect with people in our network who are growing (or buying) healthy food products.
  • Commercially available products you can use now to improve nutritional health in soils, livestock, plants, and people as you transition to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Opportunities to generate income while supporting healthy farms and quality food outlets.