Healthy Plants Keep Pests at Bay

If you are wondering how to keep pests off your tomato plants this summer, it is worth knowing that plants have numerous built in defense systems that keep insects and disease organisms in check.  In fact, when insects are nibbling on your garden vegetables, it is likely that improper irrigation, poor soil quality, or missing nutrients have compromised the plant’s natural defense system.  Instead of reaching for the nearest pesticide, consider your management practices.  Can you identify what is missing?   Patient troubleshooting can solve pest problems without compromising overall plant health.  Avoiding chemical pesticides will ensure that your soil microbiome stays diverse and resilient.

In Episode 16 of Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets, we discuss the diverse arsenal of biochemicals plants use to keep pests and bay.  Learn the original purpose of essential oils, and why so many pharmaceutical products originate in plants.

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