Freedom through Entrepreneurship

Freedom through entrepreneurship is rarely discussed by high school and college career counselors.  Could this be because few of the career counselors in public institutions have experienced success in business?  It is hard to say for sure.

However, in the world of the Great Resignation, the combined demands of the pandemic and increased technology have forced many employees to consider new options.

This weeks Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems Podcast, guest, Monica Kekuewa discusses the freedom that can be attained through owning a small business.  Using her experience as founder of MK Design House, Kekuewa explains why the ability to choose her own projects and set her own hours helped her grow professionally.  More importantly, it has also helped her find happiness.

The freedom available through entrepreneurship lends support to food system cornerstones.  Kekuewa, whose business focus centers beyond food, health, and nutrition, explains how her efforts to serve businesses and non profit interests with brilliant graphics and engaging websites has allowed her to work with growers, health and nutrition enterprises, and more.

The COVID-19 catalyst of the Great Resignation has left many traditional employees wondering what the next phase of their life will look like. ¬† Those who are thinking about leaving their job, and wondering what private business might have in store¬† won’t want to miss.


  • How business ownership brought personal satisfaction and more quality family time to Monica Kekuewa
  • What factors were in place that helped MK Design House succeed
  • What challenges made private entrepreneurship more difficult than anticipated
  • How family time and personal freedom have made the above challenges worth facing
  • How small businesses who’s missions fall beyond the “cornerstone” focal points of environment, health, regenerative agriculture, and freedom can¬† still support healthy food systems
  • Personal experiences that drove Monica Kekuewa and Mary Lucero to found different kinds of businesses under very different circumstances.
  • How MK Design House can help you spread your message in print or online


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The End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC Food Web Illustration (created by MK Design House)

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