Food Security

A Model for Creating Food Security

Food security can be created quickly and efficiently using two levers, Microbiome Restoration and Economic Development:

Microbiome Restoration:

Microbial communities form the foundation of every food web, in every environment.   By restoring healthy microbiomes (microbial communities) to our soils, our waterways, and our bodies, we create habitats where nutrients are freely exchanged, and toxins are quickly eliminated.  In doing so, we promote good health.  We can restore microbiomes to our food systems by:

  • Working with growers to build soils that produce more crops with fewer  inputs.

    • Testing soils to evaluate the structure and function of microbial communities present
    • Recommending management practices that improve microbial dynamics in soils
    • Training growers and crop consultants to perform regular soil health evaluations
    • Develop networks that support organic growers.
  • Working with consumers to

    • Increase awareness of nutritional benefits associated with locally grown food
    • Support the growth of vegetable gardens, community gardens, and farmer’s markets
    • Promote lifestyle choices that support healthy microbiomes by:
      • Increasing access to whole foods nutrition
      • Using natural, microbiome friendly alternatives to reduce pain, minimize oxidative stress, and manage inflammation associated with poor health.
        • Note: we do not offer medical advice.  Our services are designed to promote healthy lifestyles, not to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease.   
      • Minimizing exposure to chemicals and environmental toxins
    • Increase awareness of the interdependence between healthy people, healthy environments, healthy microbiomes, and healthy economies.

Economic Development:

Because food is our most consumable commercial product, food systems, and food security also form the foundation of every economy.  Choosing to eat healthy in an economy built around cheap food and cheap labor can be difficult, if not impossible to sustain.  This is why creating secure food systems is interdependent with creating secure economic systems.  

By working simultaneously with growers and consumers who are interested in local food and sustainable, microbiome friendly approaches to health and nutrition, we build fertile soil for sustainable economic development.   To seed that soil, we leverage health and nutrition affiliate  networks to train and develop entrepreneurs who are passionate about healthy food systems, and have the financial resources to build them.   Contact us here to learn more.