David Lucero on Why Local Farms Need Local Business


(This bonus episode includes discussion of affiliated services from our marketplace!)

David Lucero discusses the interdependence between local farms and local business, providing real life examples based on his experiences in farming, ranching, agricultural finance and marketing.  These experiences brought David from a small farming and ranching operation in Arabela, New Mexico to development of global agricultural trade negotiations.

David fully understands that local food systems don’t just need local farms.  They need an entire local community of support industries, including small businesses that can supply inputs or purchase farm products.

To support local businesses as we grow our local farm, David works through affiliate partnerships to offer merchant processing services that help small businesses reduce credit card processing expenses, and financing options that help you and your customers get what you need, and other tools that help you grow.  For a full list of services available please visit our affiliate website and use referral ID 102102013.

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