Episode 2: Microbes, Minerals and Nutrition

Click on the Podcast Player to hear Dr. Mary Lucero and co-host Tony Pragner discuss the interplay between microbes and minerals that is necessary for good nutrition.

  • The components nutritionists call “minerals” are what chemists call “elements.”
  • Mineral nutrients come from the soil, air, and water plants grow in.
  • Even if you don’t eat plants, the minerals in the meat you eat originate in the soil and pass through plants.
  • Not every soil contains the minerals you need.
  • Minerals in the soil are made available to plants when microbes modify them.
  • Supplements are useful because we can’t guarantee that all the food we consume has all the minerals we need to be healthy.
  • The loss of minerals from soil was recognized decades ago by Dr. Joel Wallach, a veterinarian and naturopathic doctor.   Dr. Wallach founded the company, Youngevity, and we are Youngevity members.
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