Herbal Nrf Activation

Stress Management with Nrf2 Activation

When stress exceeds our ability to cope, it impacts every area of our life.   Diet and lifestyle changes that reduce our exposure to stressful situations while improving our ability to cope with stress are both critical stress management tools. Why diet?  Because at the cellular level, stress creates an abundance of free radicals-a condition known as oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress ...

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Where Are LV Herbs Coming From?

Knowing Where Your Food Comes From is Fundamental – Shouldn’t the Same Apply to Herbs and Supplements? Not so long ago, a majority of consumers held fast to images shared in grade school about farm animals grazing in lush pastures, and chickens scratching outdoors.  We thought these settings were where our food was coming from.  People today are awakening to ...

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Challenging the Wisdom of Nrf2 as a Target for Drug Development

A little regulatory protein called NF-E2 related nuclear transcription factor, commonly abbreviated Nrf2, interacts with DNA upstream of many cellular defense genes, in conjunction with other proteins, to control toxins that contribute to oxidative stress. Since oxidative stress, a condition characterized by overabundance of free radicals, is associated with aging, inflammation, exposure to environmental toxins, and almost every disease known ...

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