Ygy Extension Team Supports Regenerative Aggies

The Regenerative Aggie Scholarship Fundraiser helps students committed to regenerative agriculture. Donate at http://giving.nmsu.edu/RegenerativeAggies.html

¬† ¬† ¬†A big step towards our¬† vision of building sustainable farm networks was made possible in November with help from participating Youngevity Members and NMSU community donors.¬† On November 26, 2018 we held our first annual Regenerative Aggie Scholarship Fundraiser.¬† The date was strategically planned to take advantage of Cyber Monday online shopping, and … Read more

Considering Nopales for Arid Land Specialty Crops

Nopales, or Prickly Pear cactus, include numerous species of the genus¬†Opuntia which thrive in poor soils and arid lands. These cacti can be grown and harvested for their tunas, or fruit, and for their pads.¬† They thrive in deeper, well drained soils, and can tolerate pH levels as high as 7.8.¬† ¬†California researchers have investigated … Read more

Permaculture and Healthy Eating

Suzanne Ricketts of Plano Texas has always embraced healthy eating.¬† Like so many of us, her understanding of what healthy eating represents has changed over the years.¬† A pioneer in our Cultivating Victory movement, Suzanne recently joined us to discuss how interests in nutrition led her to permaculture.¬† ¬†Today, she produces healthy produce year round … Read more

Fungal Rich Compost Supports Vigorous Plant Growth

Fungal superhighways operate underground to decompose minerals and nutrients from soil and deliver them to plants. ¬†For this reason, fungi are¬†powerful, yet too often overlooked additions to plant production. ¬†Many industrial agricultural techniques damage these fungal communities, resulting in less than optimal crop yields, reduced crop nutrition, and increased need for agrochemicals. ¬†As a result, … Read more

What Exactly is a Biological Soil Crust?

Soil Crusts are Tiny Communities¬†that Can Help You Build Healthy¬†Soil Did you ever walk out in the desert following a rainstorm? ¬†If so, you may have noticed a thin black or green layer ¬†on the surface of the soil. ¬† Of course. you may have noticed¬†a sprinkling of dry, black powder on the soil surface … Read more

Water Retention in a Wood Chip Garden

Few characters I dealt with in my years as as a researcher were as colorful as Chuck Redman. ¬†Chuck was a retired solar energy technician who had dedicated many lab hours during his career to exploring the movement of adsorbed water. ¬† After retirement, Chuck had become fascinated with the hypothesis that significant amounts of … Read more