Why Keep Native Plants on Your Farm or Garden

Podcast describes Reasons for Native Plants

Reasons to include native plants are abundant. Listen to this week’s episode to learn why we include native plants on our farm.¬† ¬†Can you benefit from using natives in your farm or garden?   Description LINKS TO RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Medicinal Herb eBook and Newsletter Signup USDA Plants Database¬†(Unaffiliated Public Website) ABOUT EPISODE … Read more

The Origins of End-o-Fite Enterprises LLC

The Origins of End-o-Fite Enterprises LLC   End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC was established in 2012 with the intent to “end the fight” for food security by restoring microbes to agricultural soils and human microbiomes so that people would have better access to safe, nutritious food.¬† Restoring microbes requires restoring nutrients.¬† The two are inter-related in a … Read more

What’s this Page All About?

Hello, and welcome, to Endofite.com! The first questions you might have when you enter this site include, “What is this place? ¬†Is it pronounced “end-o-fight?” or “end-o- fit?” ¬† Is this a business? ¬†Or a blog? ¬†Who’s writing all this stuff? ¬†What is food security? ¬†What do you mean by “Integrated Health?” ¬† What will … Read more