Building Healthy Food Systems

Building Healthy Food Systems creates:

Food Security




Our latest online course illustrates the foundation from which our Cornerstones Blog and Podcast emerged.   Sign up today and learn how you can help build healthy food systems.


Building Healthy Food Systems

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When too many middlemen stand between the farmer and the consumer, inflation permeates the economy and food quality suffers.  Results can be devastating to both producers and consumers.  And since consumers permeate the marketplace, this devastation impacts the entire economy!  Unfortunately, price supports and aid packages serve to mask the reality that what is happening on the farm and in the soil is influencing everything from the time you spend at the doctor’s office to the money in your bank account.

    In Building Healthy Food Systems, you will learn how the cornerstones of a clean environment, regenerative agriculture, nutritional health, and freedom form the building blocks to health at every scale.

If you are seeking to ensure that:

-fresh, healthy, whole foods are available in your community

-clean air, clean water, and healthy ecosystems surround you

-chronic and infectious disease rates decline

-you and your descendants are free enjoy their pursuit of happiness

this online course will show you a place to start.