Better Health Is Yours to Reclaim

     Melissa Brice of Reclaim Wellness, a holistic health center in Las Cruces, NM, was a recent guest on Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets.  Like so many  in the rapidly expanding area of holistic health and wellness, Melissa reached her perspectives about health through her personal struggle to get better.   In this episode, we discuss the rising cost of health care and the need for people to become engaged in their own health care decisions.  We also talk about the upcoming Better Health Challenge (referred to in the podcast as the Healthy Body Challenge).  You can listen to the podcast below. 

Melissa Brice Promotes Reclaiming Wellness and a Better Health Challenge on Microbes, Minerals, and Mindsets Episode 9

Is it not contradictory to see a healthcare professional while taking the driver’s seat with your healthcare decisions.

¬† ¬† ¬† Business is always a game of balancing what happens on the fly with endlist lists of legal and regulatory concerns.¬† In a podcast recorded live, it is difficult to backtrack, edit, and say, “Oh, here is what I meant with that.”¬† Fortunately, I have a blog.¬† ¬†So I’m taking a minute to voice a minor concern that crossed my mind when I heard the recorded version on air.¬†

¬† ¬† ¬†While there is no big blooper in this podcast, and Melissa sounded terrific, I found myself saying some things that could sound contradictory if the listener is not fully engaged.¬† I began this interview with a standard statement my business consultants have advised me to use any time we discuss health issues.¬† ¬†Basically, because I am not an MD, but I discuss many health topics from a biological perspective, I am told it is important to state that up front, and proactively let people know we are not medical professionals.¬†¬†At the onset of this podcast, I reminded listeners that we are not medical professionals, and that when they need medical advice, they should see the appropriate medical professional.¬† I’m told this statement will keep us out of trouble with¬† any number of regulatory entities who strive to protect the public by ensuring that no one is perceived as posing as an MD who is not an MD.¬†

    Later, as Melissa Brice and I  began discussing the need for people to take charge of their own health, we emphasized the need for people to stop delegating personal health to outside authorities. 

¬† ¬† ¬†Does it sound like a contradiction to say, “See a doctor for medical advice,” while also saying we need to stop delegating healthcare to outside entities?¬† Perhaps, at first glance.¬† But if you dig below the surface, there is no contradiction. Even national presidents and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies seek advice from informed advisors when necessary.¬† As commander in chief of your health, it is okay to see outside professionals when you need advice.¬† You can’t be expected to know everything.¬† The point is, at the end of the day, the decision about which treatment route to take must be yours.¬† You are responsible for making yourself well.¬†

    No one has a bigger stake in your personal health than you do, and if you are going to reclaim your health, you need to step up to the plate and start calling the shots. 

¬† ¬† ¬†This month, many of our team members will be calling the shots for Better Health by enrolling in Youngevity’s Better Health Challenge. This recurring challenge offers a great opportunity to reclaim your health by improving your diet.¬† Whether you seek weight loss, or simply want to change your eating habits, the challenge offers support that can help you succeed.¬† ¬†If you would like to participate locally, I recommend connecting with Melissa Brice at Reclaim Wellness.¬† Her team is offering regular meetings¬† and services that complement the tools Youngevity offers.¬† These will be explained in one of two upcoming information sessions. to be held at Reclaim Wellness in Las Cruces¬†this month.¬† Of course, the challenge is a recurring event, so if you stumble into this article 8 months from now, just contact myself or Melissa Brice at Reclaim wellness for details.¬†

If you are learning of the challenge for the first time through this blog, or if you are outside of Las Cruces or have no ties to Reclaim Wellness, you may explore the link below, and contact me if you need more information.   

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The Better Health Challenge is for Youngevity members only. If you would like to join Youngevity, you may do so by speaking to the person who shared this with you. If you found it on your own, you can join by following the link below.

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