Building Better Soil

Building better soil is key to productive farms,  healthier food, and more stable ecosystems.

Today soil health is being touted by farmers who want to increase profits.  It is valued by gardeners who want to grow more flavorful vegetables. Environmental advocates are promoting soil health as a weapon against climate change.

Healthy soil supports healthy crops.  It makes nutrients more available, and helps fruits and vegetables taste better.  Healthy soil can even capture greenhouse gasses!

Now you can master the basics of building healthy soil through our Introduction to Building Better Soil.

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Here is what online course participants are saying about Building Better Soils:

“I have been through many educational experiences regarding agriculture, such as a permaculture certification course, a masters in sustainable food systems, and undergone several years in working with non-profits to spread gardening and agricultural efforts. There is a lot of information out there that can take years to sift through and can lead to dead ends. Thus far, this course has done a very good job of synthesizing the best of what I have studied up to this point and provides this in an easily accessible way. I am a fan of repetition and this course is a great tool for consistently honing the most critical principles in HEALTHY soil’s benefits to agriculture.” 

“A very solid education in the basic concepts of soils for agricultural production and insights into the reasons for organic rather than chemical fertilization and management.”

“More in depth than expected, learned a lot. Liked the way Dr. Lucero tied soil building to human health. Just the right amount of pure science too.”

“This was an excellent course. I am planning to purchase a small farm and this course has given me the foundational science that I will need to employ.”

Join the class through our course page on Udemy.