Once an Ag Teacher, Always and Ag Teacher

Libby Hamilton recently shared her passion for teaching agriculture at Gadsden High School, in Southern New Mexico. After retirement, she continues to volunteer by mentoring new teachers, writing grants, and planning a farmer’s market.  Gadsden High School is in a low income community, where many families have only minimal access to fresh produce.   A farmer’s market would provide a community service that creates opportunities for students and community members alike.

Agriculture programs in public schools are challenging to sustain because public education favors career paths that send students to college.  Yet in an era where the number of farmers has declined, and young farmers are few and far between, there has never been a better time to support agricultural education programs.   Hamilton’s tireless efforts to assist new teachers and network with community members ensures that one of the oldest agriculture education programs in the State of New Mexico remains viable.  When she is not working with Gadsden High School, caring for family members, and organizing community efforts, Hamilton shows people how to manage stress with diet.


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