Stress Management with Nrf2 Activation

When stress exceeds our ability to cope, it impacts every area of our life.   Diet and lifestyle changes that reduce our exposure to stressful situations while improving our ability to cope with stress are both critical stress management tools. Why diet?  Because at the cellular level, stress creates an abundance of free radicals-a condition known … Read more

The Johnson-Su Bioreactor Enriches Beneficial Soil Fungi

Stop Turning Your Compost Composting offers a terrific way to culture native microbes that benefit your soil. However, there is more to a good compost than simply building a pile of manure and yard waste. Proper aeration is important to prevent overheating and to ensure that aerobic bacteria-bacteria that consume oxygen, dominate the mixture.  While … Read more

Five Important Health Facts Your Doctor Never Shared With You

1. Doctors Don’t All Take the Hippocratic Oath. I learned about the Hippocratic Oath from my parents, who believed all physicians took a Hippocratic Oath that bound them to serve the patient and “do no harm.”  Only recently did I revisit this information.  I learned that only about 11% of contemporary physicians even take the … Read more