What Exactly is a Biological Soil Crust?

Soil Crusts are Tiny Communities¬†that Can Help You Build Healthy¬†Soil Did you ever walk out in the desert following a rainstorm? ¬†If so, you may have noticed a thin black or green layer ¬†on the surface of the soil. ¬† Of course. you may have noticed¬†a sprinkling of dry, black powder on the soil surface … Read more

Rendering Tallow to Make the Most of Naturally Fed Beef

Natural Beef is Simply Too Good to Let¬†Excess Fat Go to Waste! Naturally¬†grazed and¬†fattened beef that has never been exposed to high density feed lots or supermarket distribution systems is one of the best kept secrets on the market. ¬†I buy mine from a custom meat processor named Joe. ¬†I’d tell you where his shop … Read more

Fast Relief for Sneezing and More

Fast relief for sneezing, wheezing, sniffling, and more.¬† When seasonal allergies have you sneezing and wheezing, rapid and effective relief can be found with essential oils.¬† ¬† Now before I expand on this. I do need to share my standard disclosure:¬† ¬†I am not an MD and I don’t diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease.¬† … Read more