Remembering the Past With Yerba de Alonso Garcia


¬†Did Native Americans Name Good Plants after Good People? My friend¬†Andrea once told me that early Americans, like the Navajo and the Apache, named plants with beneficial properties after people they liked. It was sort of a way to compliment the good people in their lives.¬† She added that snakes, flies, and mosquitoes might be … Read more

Resurrecting the Corn Mothers to Make Food Systems Sustainable

Sustainable Food Systems Drive Sustainable Economies In the industrialized¬†world, corporate owned food systems have created low priced, readily¬†available, empty calories with long shelf lives. ¬†This biologically inactive foodstuff (emphasis on stuff) has come at the expense of family farms, rural communities, environmental health, basic human nutrition, and civil liberties. ¬†As a result, the cost of … Read more

Nobel Assembly Highlights Lysosomes and Long Term Research

The Announcements of Nobel Prizes represent current events that are changing our the world around us. ¬†This year’s announcement of an award to Yoshinori Ohsumi for his discovery of the genes and mechanisms relevant to autophagy (a recycling system¬†within the cells) offers an excellent introduction to important cellular organelles most of us learn little about … Read more

Public Education Will Succeed When We Stop Forcing Horses to Drink

Every Horse Lover Knows You Can Bring a Horse to Water, but You Can’t Make Him Drink. Horses will drink when they are thirsty, and students will learn when they have need of knowledge. Public Education is Built on the False Premise that We Can Make Unwilling Students Learn. In 1992, I left public education … Read more

What’s this Page All About?

Hello, and welcome, to! The first questions you might have when you enter this site include, “What is this place? ¬†Is it pronounced “end-o-fight?” or “end-o- fit?” ¬† Is this a business? ¬†Or a blog? ¬†Who’s writing all this stuff? ¬†What is food security? ¬†What do you mean by “Integrated Health?” ¬† What will … Read more

Glyphosate Residues Permeate Food Webs. Here’s How You Can Fight Back.

Photo showing cattle.

A recent (2014) study published by Monika Kr√ľger and colleagues in the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology¬† revealed the presence of glyphosate residues in grazing and foraging animals and in people, highlighting key problems associated with a herbicide that targets an entire kingdom of primary¬†producers. ¬†Glyphosate residues were found in hares and rabbits, cattle, … Read more