Will a Lawsuit Against Monsanto Force Tighter Food Safety Regulations?

Mirazie vs. Monsanto The recent filing of a class action lawsuit against Monsanto by Elvis, Edison And Romi Mirazie in the state of California represents the beginning of the windfall microbiologists have anticipated for decades as more individuals recognize the vital role microbes play in human health. ¬†At issue is the labeling of the herbicide … Read more

Growing Organic Blackberries in the Desert Requires an Emphasis on Soil Microbiology

Who says you can’t grow blackberries in the desert?¬† South of the Organ Mountains, near Vado, New Mexico, soils are characterized by heavy calcium carbonate (aka caliche) deposits on or near the surface. ¬†This caliche becomes sticky when wet, binding together to form an impervious, concrete-like layer that water cannot easily drain through. The natural … Read more

Guest Post: Papers, Possessions, and Precision Agriculture in a Cloudy Environment

  Introducing¬†¬†Cliff Love, of Profitable Growth Services as today’s guest writer. ¬† Cliff’s background in private agricultural services in the Northeastern US contrasts with my own perspectives, gleaned from public agricultural and environmental research in the Southwest. ¬†Yet our contrasting experiences have led us to a shared awareness that our sustainability is being threatened, not … Read more

Best Ways to Enjoy the Nutrition of a Microbiome

Whole foods contain active enzymes and complex, living microbiomes Health and wellness experts usually agree whole foods are the best source of nutrition. ¬†Yet here in the US, we support an enormous dietary supplement industry, and many of those supplements offer only one or a few nutrients in a single pill?¬† For example, one product … Read more