What Endophytes Reveal about GMOs

As mainstream media in the US continue to downplay concerns about the safety of genetically modified foods, bloggers, independent news providers and social media groups continue to voice concerns in and beyond the United States.  Debate centers around the dietary and ecological safety of genetically modified organisms (hence “G-M-O’s”) in our food system. Figure 1. … Read more

Repurposing Victory Gardens

During World Wars I and II, families on the home fronts in many countries were encouraged to plant victory gardens. Home food production was recognized as fundamental to national security, and victory gardens became a source of national pride and patriotism. Food grown at home provided critical relief from the death, famine, and destruction created … Read more

Why Strawberry Clover in a 21st Century Victory Garden?

     The victory garden of the 21th century must be ecologically balanced so that no chemicals are needed.  To maintain balance, one should choose a variety of plants from different families.  Because space is often limited, plants that serve multiple purposes are always good to have. As a legume, strawberry clover has an ability … Read more

Challenging the Wisdom of Nrf2 as a Target for Drug Development

A little regulatory protein called NF-E2 related nuclear transcription factor, commonly abbreviated Nrf2, interacts with DNA upstream of many cellular defense genes, in conjunction with other proteins, to control toxins that contribute to oxidative stress. Since oxidative stress, a condition characterized by overabundance of free radicals, is associated with aging, inflammation, exposure to environmental toxins, … Read more

Water and Organic Matter Make Gardens Productive in Desert Soils

Gardening in the desert presents challenges that are rarely addressed by gardening experts who honed their skills in more humid climates.   Here in the Southwest, it is not uncommon to see precipitation values for the entire year that equal rainfall received in a single storm in more humid climates. When annual precipitation falls below … Read more

Ending the Fight with Diversification

Soil, water, and air pollution. Chronic disease epidemics (Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes….) Chemical dependencies Civil unrest Food insecurity…. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one set of simple and affordable actions could address all of these problems simultaneously? End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC was built on the premise that the most significant common denominator among all these problems … Read more