Restoring the Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems

Image shows a model of healthy food systems based on 4 cornerstones of a clean environment, regenerative agriculture, nutritional health, and freedom.

What is a healthy food system? Food systems are made up of complex webs of interactions that provide access to food. Healthy food systems are economically and nutritionally secure.  Ideally, a healthy food system provides access to safe, healthy, and nutritious food for everyone.  Because healthy food systems are essential to humanity itself, they also … Read more

Fungi and the Circle of Life

Why Fungi Represent the Circle of Life People look at me funny when I say that fungi are the circle of life.  Comments range from the disinterested, “Yeah, right.   Whatever,” to the challenging “What are you talking about?” Well, here is what I am talking about. Fungi, particularly microfungi, the kind you need a microscope … Read more