Diversity is Lost When Reasoning Is Unidimensional

Babies are born into multidimensional worlds filled with sights, sounds, odors, tastes, and sensations that stimulate all senses. ¬†When early childhood experiences allow babies to apply these senses to diverse experiences, learning progresses rapidly. ¬†Without formal coaching, babies quickly develop physical coordination important for walking. ¬†Without grammer books, babies quickly acquire basic communication skills that … Read more

Multidimensional Reasoning Fosters Sustainability

  Changing the way we live in our environment will require changing the way we think about our environment.¬† In nature, sustainability is achieved through diversity.¬†¬† Complex food webs ensure that energy and natural resources crucial for life itself are continuously recycled and redistributed across ecosystems.¬† When biodiversity is lost, food webs become inefficient, and … Read more