Microbiome Health


Nine out of ten cells on the human body are microbial!  They form a community of interactive cells that work with your own cells to cycle nutrients, detoxify waste, activate or silence genes, mitigate environmental stress, and promote good health. 

Chemicals in the environment, drugs, certain medications, and even many synthetic or overly purified vitamins can disrupt these microbial communities, or microbiomes, in ways that make your body less resistant to to stress, infection, or disease, and less resilient when hit with disease or injuries.

Fresh, local, organically grown, raw foods can support healthy microbiomes by providing nutrients, cofactors, prebiotics, and even living microbes that stimulate the growth of your own microbiome.  

If you are ready to grow your own, check out our grower services.

If you aren’t ready for such a big lifestyle change, supplements containing whole, bioactive foods can be useful, especially when local food options are limited.

We offer probiotic and prebiotic supplements through direct marketing affiliates that can be delivered to your mailbox.

We also offer Nrf2 activation products that can help your cells eliminate environmental toxins that can interfere with microbiome function.

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Disclaimer:  Our goal is to apply ecological principles to health and nutrition.  We do not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease.