Your Health

“Let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

–Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine


Sudden accidents and injuries can have a tremendous impact on your health and require medical care.

But the concerns that bring many of us to the health care system can be addressed more effectively with simple lifestyle changes that restore function to cells and microbiomes.

These changes have the power to embrace better nutrition and address universal factors that contribute to disease, such as:


Two critical health components that are too often neglected include Food and Financial Security.


Why is this so important? Let’s go a bit deeper to see the connection…

Food security (access to nutrition, nutritional health):


  • Food security is defined by the World Health Organization as the condition that exists when people have access to enough safe, healthy, and nutritious food to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Because food security involves access to food, it is interdependent with the quality of local food systems.
  • We are not trained to think about health in terms of food security or access to nutrition.  Yet 86% of our health care costsare linked to treatment of chronic diseases that are interdependent with the quality of local food systems.
  • Good nutrition is simply fundamental to good health.


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Financial health:

  • The rising cost of health care, including health care needs that could be prevented or eliminated through good nutrition, is crippling our economy at personal and national scales.
  • If you have ever chosen fast, over processed foods because of the price, your personal finances may be impacting your health.
  • Employment based labor models and retirement plans are simply not meeting the demands of 21st century economies.


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